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They deal with a progress report for a capstone class on developing an 3D-printed based pulse oxymeter for astronauts and other rapid-manufacturing type of situations. Please let me know which tasks and your estimate for a 20 hour turnaround.. thanks!

Just as a quick heads up:
i need only task 2

Task 2 deals with taking a GANTT chart I provided and creating a PERT Chart, then writing 1000 words about how you will use this to further project management efforts. Then those results should be summarized in 1 slide powerpoint presentation, along with other information requested, and another slide that kind of summarizes where the project is and what are the next steps

Task 2 presentation.docx 

Task 2.docx 


Please also look over the lochner paper in task 1 to understand technical details

Lochner et al-2014-All-organic optoelectronic sensor for pulse oximetry.pdf 

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