Written/case analysis paper

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Students will submit a case analysis a Public Sector Human Resource Management Issue on motivation at work. A major grading criterion will be the demonstrated integration of the course concepts in the textbook and chapters. A minimum of eight (8) pages, maximum ten (10) pages, and five scholarly references are required, APA format, double-spaced, cover page, reference page, with Microsoft Word to include the following:

  • History and background of the Public Service Human Resource Management issue.
  • Description of central issue(s) and its impacts.
  • Identification of key stakeholders groups and their respective positions.
  • Integration of issues to core course concepts in textbooks discussed in class.
  • Propose alternative solutions to issues and discuss how each alternative contributes to good public policy.
  • Critical review and conclusion about accountability for policy makers and administrators.

“A” range: Outstanding achievement, significantly exceeds standards.

  • Unique topic or unique treatment of topic, takes risks with content; fresh approach.
  • Sophisticated/exceptional use of examples.
  • Original and “fluid” organization; all sentences and paragraphs contribute; sophisticated transitions between paragraphs.
  • Integration of quotations and citations is sophisticated and highlights the author’s argument.
  • Confidence in use of Standard English, language reflects a practiced and/or refined understanding of syntax and usage.
  • Sentences vary in structure, very few if any mechanical errors (no serious mechanical errors).

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