​You need to post two discussions

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You need to post two discussions. Each discussion more than 400 words

Hello all, there are two videos on this one, the first one is an informational video (short) about Force Field analysis. this is for information only, you can discuss if you wish in conjunction with the second video.

Force Field Analysis (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.– 6.14 minutes Very visual explanation of force field analysis – uses a simple example to show its application.

The second video is longer but well done. This is what I really want you all to discuss. Enjoy, Dan

How to Leverage Social Media as a Change Agent (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.– 10:00 minutes HBR interview with Josh Bernoff, co-author of Groundswell, on how companies can change to embrace social media. Since this is often threatening to executives, start small, find a champion, line up other stakeholders, build coalitions, move quickly, learn from others (including other firms), and help people have a sense of what is coming, and measure your success. This video and the subsequent clips outlining the five objectives of Groundswell are focused on customers and sales/marketing related issues. However, the approach has relevance to organizational change when you consider how organizational change leaders could use the strategies to engage their “customers” in the development and delivery of organizational change.

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